About Melissa

My philosophy is simple.

You can be kind, loving, happy, spiritually centered – as well as financially successful. Yes, it’s true.

Contrary to popular belief, abundance isn’t reserved for special people, and there is enough out there for all of us.

Okay then, so why aren’t more people rolling in success if you can be morally sound as you achieve it? It’s because most people will have a good idea – and even enough gumption to act on it – but they will lack significantly in one of two key areas:

They will either have a strong vision but no clear steps to get there, or they’re taking a million ineffective steps because there is no clear vision.

That’s where I come in

Whether you’re the visionary or the “doer” of your business, or trying to be both, you’re essentially lacking a smart and realistic plan to your goals.  Thankfully, I am the motivational business partner you never had. 

I’m the ‘missing piece’ to balance your weakness, so you’re not out there digging a lot of shallow holes, or worse – not digging at all. I’m the one with the smart and realistic plan you need.

Let’s get real

I don’t give you broad strokes or generic recommendations. I give exactly what I would do – if your business was mine.

But let’s get real. You have to be willing to do the work. If we’re going to make your business dreams come true, you’ve got to be willing to play the game – even if you’re tired of playing.

My background and experience

As a teenager, I was naturally pulled to and enjoyed the challenges of business ownership.  So much so, that before the age of 18, all while going to high school, I was publishing my own music magazine with worldwide reach.

In 1995 I achieved the academic “HOPE” scholarship which led me to Georgia State University (USA). I ultimately ended up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (Public Relations).  While studying at uni, I partnered up with my mother to open a successful beauty salon.

In 1999 I moved to Australia to marry my husband Shawn and by 2001 we opened our first retail clothing store in the popular shopping district called Bridge Road.  To everyone’s surprise, Shawn and I hired someone else to run and work in it – from day one. We had our own “day jobs” and our vision was to create a business which could be managed remotely.

In my spare time, I focused on creating and building systems to ensure the store could be run by anybody.  Then over the next decade, as the business grew, we quit our “day jobs” and ended up opening more retail clothing stores and even franchising them out (using all my own systems!).  To complement the expanding business, we secured an exclusive distribution deal with a US-based merchandise company and developed a wholesale business which serviced not only our stores – but other retailers – throughout the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Oh yes, and we launched a clothing line which was distributed by our wholesale arm and stocked in all our stores.

By this point, I was pretty burnt out.  I was overwhelmed and stressed, so I started working on my ‘inner’ self through meditation and the tempering of my ego. Interestingly, the more spiritually centered I became, the more things just “happened” in my favour and the more success seemed to flow!

I was so (and still am!) ‘in awe’ of the outcomes of my spiritual journey that I wanted to share what I had learned with others. This led me to develop my own style of online self improvement and energy healing training, and I now help well over 20,000 students world wide take forward steps on their own journey of self discovery.

So, when you combine more than 20 years of business experience with over a decade of pro-active self improvement, I can provide the ideal balance of strategy, motivation and support for my clients and students.

If you think it’s time to get some help, and start playing the game of life like you were meant to, click that “book now” button below and let’s do something #gamechanging! #biglove

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