About the book

While I have written about a dozen e-books and handbooks for my courses, this will be my first official book!  Right now, it's still untitled, but will focus on the actual method I used (and still use!) to create and manifest that which I desire in my life!

I believe in keeping things simple, so if you truly want to manifest your dreams, then be prepared for some serious happiness with my book! Warning: there's no turning back once you achieve happiness! #biglove

Hi, I'm Melissa

Thank you for stopping by! For those new to my work, I'm an author, podcaster, blogger, business coach, motivational speaker, energy healer & teacher. I'm also a very proud (and best-selling) online instructor for over 10,000 students around the globe!  I love creating easy, actionable ways for people to improve their lives, themselves - and even others!

Melissa Crowhurst

Melissa Crowhurst

In my 40 years of life to date, I've experienced a lot of ups and downs, just like you. On one end, I've had to find my way through some very dark & difficult times; while on the other, I've reached mountaintops and basked in that warm light which we all love!  I've owned and operated many businesses and dabbled in many careers, but always ended up wondering, "There's got to be more to life than this constant struggle!"  

Then there came a point when I realised I was focused on the wrong things.  And as I began my own personal journey of self discovery and awareness, I started to see life as being a pendulum in a clock, swinging from one extreme to the other. Now, my gratitude sits firmly in my ability to be humble enough to appreciate those life lessons and to not harbour any ill-will from tough times. My focus changed. And with it, the moments in between the extreme 'pendulum' swings became sweeter and longer.

It's through that awareness, that humility, which has given me the clarity and the insights to now see those movements and methods I used to journey from the dark to the light - and to stay put 🙂 Let me be clear though: I am no guru, I am just like you. I am making the most out of this life, just like everybody else. And since we are all brothers and sisters on this planet, it's only natural that I want to take what I've learned and share it with you. #biglove

Meet Melissa's Mentor & Coach

Melissa credits much of her good work to the ongoing support and guidance of her husband Shawn.

Melissa and Shawn Crowhurst

Melissa and her husband Shawn

A life-long subscriber to self improvement, self help, and infinite possibility, Shawn's mentorship and coaching has helped Melissa blossom into who she is today.  Add to that, it's been his unwavering belief in her, and what she stands for, which has given Melissa the courage to step forward to really help others.

Shawn also assists Melissa in all aspects of her work, including the creative process, administrative tasks, and being the 'sounding board' for her e-books and online courses. That, and he makes a mean curry 😉

Melissa's hair & makeup done by Jayo Hair.  Photography by JamesD Photography.